In the Shetland a large gas factory was being built to process the gas that was won in the sea. As this meant an influx of thousands of temporary workers, Petrofac the builder of the project decided to use floatels to accommodate part of the work force. Chevalier converted to floatels to suit the requirements. One was a former floating prison, that was converted into a 180 rooms and 230 persons worker hotel. The unit was furnished and a large professional kitchen with a large restaurant was installed. Conversion 5 weeks.

The smaller hotel barge Chevalier Floatels had purchased had to be fully rebuild. The unit was a dormitory before. The entire interior was taken out, 101 hotel rooms with ensuite bathrooms and a high standard restaurant and kitchen was built. As the unit was designed to accommodate the management of the construction company and from the oil company, the facility had to be of 4-star quality.

Both units were successfully on charter for over three years.