Chevalier Floatels owns and operates floating hotels. These units can be operated in sheltered waters. The floatels can be moved to any location provided there are open waterways to get there. Once on location they get connected and the barges are ready for operation. No ground preparations, no construction time etc. All can be done in a very short time. And no damage to the environment. After the project is completed the accommodation barge sails a way. No reinstating of land and no impact on the environment.

In basic form the floating hotels are fitted out with cabins with bathrooms connected to them. They have large kitchen, a restaurant, a laundry, recreational space and office space. The cabins have tv’s and the barges are fitted out with Wifi. Off course they have the furniture on board.

However, since the main infrastructure is already there, the floating hotels can be reconfigured to the client needs in very short time. We work with contractors that have reconfigured the barges several times before. They know the units inside out. With the charterer a list of requirements is formed. These requirements are converted into planning and as soon as the planning is approved the construction company starts to work. This makes the accommodation barges suited for many types of work. The only limit is your creativity.

Chevalier Floatels has executed nearly 30 floating accommodation projects. A few highlights from the many accommodation projects executed in the past are showcased here: