Name: Sans Vitesse
Built: 2004
Flag: The Netherlands
LOA: 76.50 m
Beam: 13.20 m
Draft: 1.80 m
Airdraft: 13.20 m
Classification: Germanischer Lloyd +100 A5 I Ponton.
Displacement:  898.80 tons
Power: 220/380 V shore connection by means of pole construction on shore; can also be used by very high water levels; 24 V battery for starting the generator, 220 V for domestic equipment, 380 V for power tools.
Emergency Generator: 60 kVA 230/400 V Wilson generator driven by John Deere 4 cylinder diesel in a sound proof box type L03P60-COK, May 2009
Heating: 2 x automatic Rehema boiler (oil heated) with Weishaupt electric 72-330 kW burner and Flexcon expansion cask
Air-conditioning: Nova Klima 400 V units in deck below + extra airconditioning technical spaces
Sanitary: 2 x Nibe 230/4000 V boiler 500l; 3 x Grunfoss electric circulation pump connected to waste and slob tanks for shore delivery; 2 x Victor Pumps 380 V driven by a waste/slob pump S80 GC 31T
Gangway: 3 X gangway
Lift: Lödige elevator total 13 people accessible from all deck levels
Tanks: Water ballast in aft 10 m3; Fuel aft 28 m3 and in front 56 m3 (detached tanks); Waste water amidships SB side 74 m3 and Port side 111 m3 connected by 2 cross over pipes
Accommodation*: 101 cabins with en suite bathrooms, restaurant, café, galley with cold and dry stores, fitness area, laundry