Summer months have been bustling for Chevalier Floatels. Lots of hotel barge charters for various shipyards and industrial projects. The DP2 Walk to Work vessels have been quite active too. As they are positioned between large SOV’s and crew boat’s, they offer charterers numerous advantages.

The sister vessels have a higher weather limitation then crew boats, but the cost of operating them is almost equal to two crew boats. At the same time the vessels are more agile then the large SOV’s, resulting in more and faster transfers. Off course not having to go back to port every day, makes for an enormous increase in working hours compared to the crew boat.

Charterers have learned to appreciate this resulting in loyal customers.

DP Galyna is about to complete a nearly one month project for the commissioning of a converter station. The advantage for the charterers was that they could use the vessel for accommodation and crew changes. It is the second charter for this customer.

The vessel becomes available 1st of September and is open for new projects. DP Gezina has been supporting platform maintenance and crew changes on a converter station. While on the project, the charterer saw more and more opportunities for using the vessel, extending the contract several times. The customer has used the Chevalier Fleet many times, and we are especially pleased about the loyalty of our customers. Both contracts have been fixed by the helpful brokers of Global Renewable Shipbrokers in Hamburg.