In the past Chevalier Floatels has come up with an innovative solution to provide a fast solution to governments who had a sudden increase of detainees. Planning and building a new prison is a time consuming exercise. First the land to build the prison on, needs to go through a permitting stage and then the prison building needs to be constructed. A process that can take years. Should there be a sudden need for additional prison facilities it is very difficult to solve. Therefore Chevalier Floatels developed the floating prison. Our barges can be very fast transferred into a prison facility.

San Vitesse


Rossini could accommodate 110 cells.

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Kalmar can be used as floating prison with 221 cells. Apart from this the facility can be divided into several security sections with recreational areas in every section. Also there are ample office facilities for security posts, medical examination, visitor areas and administration. The large galley can be used to provide meals. The large light wells can be used as exercise yards. Conversion to prison standard can be done in a few weeks.

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