Oil and gas production facilities are often constructed far away from the populated areas. Sometimes they are built in very harsh environments. Being built on man-made islands, natural islands or near coast areas, housing for the construction work force is usually not nearby. Therefore a lot of time is lost in travelling or alternatively a land camp must be build. For these projects Chevalier Floatels offers the ideal solution, our accommodation barges. Our barges are existing floating buildings that can be made custom fit for our clients. Standardly equipped with large kitchens, restaurants, recreation areas, offices and laundries they cater for every need of the modern construction worker. And as they are readily available, they can be employed at very short notice. The barges are towed to the site, connected to the shore and your accommodation camp is ready to begin.

We can offer 3 separate barges for your project:

Floatel Kalmar

Flotel Sans Vitesse is already in 4 star outfit and presently has 101 rooms.
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CF110 Rossini

Flotel Rossini has 110 rooms.
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Sans Vitesse

Flotel Kalmar has 220 cabins but could easily be upgraded to 250 cabins
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